Our wines at “Outside Expo 2015″ in Milan

Confagricoltura presents the culinary excellence of Veneto as part of the “outside EXPO” event in Milan, the event is situated in the historic Casa Atellani where Leonardo da Vinci’s famous vigna was found .
For three weeks (from 28 September to 17 October 2015) the store Confagricoltura, situated in the metropolitan center of Milan, will promote the products of excellency of the Veneto Region.
Our company will be introducing our wines: Portico, Capitolo and Chiostro.
Casa Atellani is a fifteenth century palace located just a few steps away from  Santa Maria delle Grazie, the Church where it is exposed one of Leonardo’s most well known painting: Last Supper. The historic building is located in one of the busiest and most famous streets of Milan, Corso Magenta.

To learn more, visit the Vineyard of Leonardo: