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The Family

A tradition through the centuries

familyThe Zeno family was one of the most noted Venetian aristocratic families. Girolamo Zeno held the important position of Procurator of Saint Mark but it was his son Marco Zeno who settled in the Trevigiano area, commissioning the famous architect Andrea Palladio the construction of his new residency just after 1554.  Today, the direct descendents of the Zeno family continue to produce prestigious wines using ancient wine-making methods. Only grapes produced on the family’s estate are used and in some cases precious oak barrels are used for ageing.


The modern ages

family_okIn the 1960s/70s the spirit of the property was  radically changed into an entrepreneurial stamp and the stunning family estate was transformed into a gem of modern agriculture. The estate developed from the rearing of cattle to the cultivation of maize and beetroot and above all to the consolidation of the ancient traditions of wine-production. Its vines remained at all times the core production of the estate and whereas for years their wine had been exclusively for the tables of Venetian nobility it soon became highly coveted also by local and international clientele.


The family today

01. AdB_ChiSiamo_Famiglia_OggiToday the company is directed by Giangiacomo Gallarati Scotti Bonaldi,  who manages it following the family tradition, after a long and attentive period working alongside the previous generation. Giangiacomo, along with the rest of the family, is motivated by an immense passion for nature and desire to ensure the continuation of the long history of the Zenos, a family which has always managed this activity through innovative and, at times, courageous choices while respecting at all times tradition and the territory.