Bellavita Expo 2016 London, 17-19 July


No cuisine is more steeped in tradition than Italian, with artisan techniques passed down through generations at its very core. Bellavita Expo is a stunning showcase of high-quality products from small, native Italian producers all across the country. From sunny Sicily to the snowy Alps, visitors can taste all the famous flavours of the Bel Paese under one roof, on a gastronomic tour of Italy. As the largest Made-in-Italy food and beverage trade show in the UK, Bellavita is the only place you can really experience the true taste of Italy.

Wine from Abbazia di Busco: Veneto

Named after the Benedictine Abbey in Busco, which once stood in the area, Busco Abbey pay respect to the ancient times and knowledge of the Benedictine monks that shaped the area. In the heart of Veneto, the imposing silhouette of the mountains that overlook the winery defend the vines from the cold winds, which are then cultivated by members of the same family that settled in Treviso in the sixteenth century.