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la cantina
the cellar

Our cellar

In an imposing barchessa (the typical rural building of the Venetian villas, where the working environments were located) is located the cellar of Abbazia di Busco, one of the oldest of the Venetian wineries. The barchessa is rich in history: just think that in the 1950s and 1960s it housed, on the upper floors, the cultivation of tobacco and the breeding of silkworms.

Ancient methods for modern results

The ancient techniques used by the abbey's monks live on today in the methods used by the family to cultivate their vines as well as for wine-making and production. The presence of new technology is used exclusively for improving quality standards and does not detract from the wealth of traditional techniques or the passion which distinguishes the entire family today.

The cellar today

The cellar, a true jewel of antiquity, today combines the ancient oak barrels with imposing concrete and steel barrels.

In this place where time has stopped, about 7,000 hectoliters of white and red wines can be processed and stored in the various wine vessels.

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