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Uniting history and territory

Our Label

Abbazia di Busco’s present label takes the historical dimensions of the family and unites it with a local and territorial vocation with a clear reference to the ancient Abbey of Saint Andrew, first mentioned back in the 12th century. The symbols used can be found in ancient documentation of the Busco area dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries, the period in which Marco Zeno chose to take up residence in the area commissioning Palladio for the creation of his splendid Villa Zeno and even the wording used, brings to life the style of that era.


The label has not always been the one we see today even if the previous version, used from the 1960s, also illustrated the connection between ancient traditions and the history of the Zeno family. In fact, it represented a coat of arms topped by the Doge of Venice’s ducal hat. Here Girolamo Zeno, Marco’s father, held a very important position: Procurator of San Marco. This coat of arms marked all bottles produced from the 1960s until recently when the new label was created in order to underline the importance of the territory for our wines

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