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i metodi di lavoro
work methods

Work methods

The ancient methods of cultivation developed by the monks of the Abbey in Busco have been for centuries the heritage of the Zeno family and its company. New technology has simply improved traditional techniques leaving untouched the ancient ampelographic heritage of the area.  For training its vines the company uses the “Sylvoz”, the Geneva Double Curtain and the Cordon Trained systems complying as much as possible with the different characteristics of the vines and respecting the particular pedoclimatic context of the area.
Its rigorous criteria of production unite ancient traditions with the search for ever higher standards of quality resulting in innovative and at times courageous choices. This has lead to excellent results: annually the 52 hectares of vines produce 6000 hectolitres of wine with a vine/hectare ratio that varies between 3200 for the more vigorous vines (Cabernet and Prosecco) and 4000 for the less yielding varieties such as Pinot. Furthermore, some particularly precious rows of vines are harvested by hand allowing for the creation of particular wines with extraordinary characteristics.

Our Wines love nature. And they are loved back

We care for nature, and it shows in our choice of production, which follows the principals of integration and sustainability and it's also SQNPI certified. We follow closely all stages of production: from harvest to winemaking, aiming for excellence in each bottle we produce. It's all done to ensure the sustainable quality of our wine to our costumers.

i metodi di lavoro
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