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Prosecco sparkling wine brut DOC Battistero 75 cl

Prosecco sparkling wine brut DOC Battistero 75 cl


Type: Prosecco
Format: 75 cl
Type of grapes: Glera, a native vine from North Eastern Italy
Service temperature: 6-8 ° C
Alcohol: 11% Vol.

  • Features

    Prosecco millesimato Battistero is the most sought after of our prosecco, produced for the first year of the 2016 harvest, in a limited number of bottles, it is a brut sparkling wine, therefore with a very low sugar residue. The complex aromatic characteristics present fruity notes of pear and citrus and floral hints of white flowers, wisteria, acacia and jasmine. Like all our prosecco, it is produced with grapes that come exclusively from the estate's vines.

  • Pairings

    Fresh and light, with a moderate alcohol content, it is perfect as an aperitif. At the table it goes well with fish and shellfish appetizers, such as the scampi cocktail. However, it reserves pleasant surprises if tasted with aperitifs   based on paté.

  • The production method

    Glera grapes are harvested in the first weeks of September, a period in which they reach the optimal organoleptic maturity. The vinification is in classic white. After fermentation, once the second fermentation has been completed with the Martinotti Method, the sparkling wine passes to the last phase, the distinctive one of Prosecco: natural refermentation.

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