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Prosecco sparkling wine extra dry DOC Portico 75 cl

Prosecco sparkling wine extra dry DOC Portico 75 cl


Type: Prosecco
Format: 75 cl
Type of grapes: Glera, a native vine from North Eastern Italy
Service temperature: 7-9 ° C
Alcohol: 11% Vol.


  • Features

    This straw yellow colored wine has a fine and persistent perlage. It manifests itself on the nose with an elegant fruity and floral scent, expressing notes of pear and wisteria.

  • Pairings

    Fresh and elegant, versatile and with a moderate alcohol content, Prosecco Extra Dry DOC Treviso is suitable for any time of day, from aperitifs to desserts, to accompany informal moments and meetings with a more refined flavor. Internationally it is recognized as the undisputed king of the aperitif, a ritual born in Italy but which has now spread all over the world, affirming a typically Italian style of drinking.

    The versatile character of this wine also makes it perfect for exploring new gastronomic horizons: from Thai to Japanese cuisine, to accompany sushi, sashimi, seafood and shellfish, an ideal companion for dishes that come from all over the world.

  • Score

    3 bunches BIBENDA GUIDE 2022

  • The production method

    The grape harvest takes place in the first weeks of September, when the organoleptic maturity (sugars, acidity and aromatic substances) is optimal for the production of sparkling and sparkling Prosecco DOC: in this phase the utmost attention must be paid to preserve the integrity of the berries and avoid spontaneous fermentations.

    The vinification, in white, is started with selected yeasts, which transform the sugars present in the grapes into alcohol and CO2. This fermentation activity lasts about 15/20 days at a temperature not exceeding 18 ° C, to preserve the most delicate aromas of the starting grape. The sparkling process, carried out with the Martinotti method, takes place in large pressure-tight containers. It is here that the wine, thanks to the second fermentation, acquires the famous bubbles.

  • An ancient and Italian vine

    The grapes for the production of Prosecco Extra Dry DOC come from Glera, a native vine of north-eastern Italy, known since Roman times and mentioned for the first time in the Giornale d'Italia in 1772. It is a grape variety white with hazelnut-colored shoots, which produces large and long clusters, with golden-yellow berries. Its cultivation includes, in addition to the vertical orientation of the shoots and the elimination of those in excess, also topping and binding to obtain a microclimate suitable for the accumulation of aromatic substances on the berry.

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