Sight, smell, emotions.
This sparkling wine has aromatic characteristics ranging from fruity, with notes of pear and citrus, to floral with hints of white flowers, wisteria, acacia and jasmine. The balanced acid note helps to create a dry, soft and velvety taste, suitable and pleasing to all occasions.

How to enjoy it at its best.
Fresh and light, the sparkling wine prosecco is perfect for light appetizers and appetizers. However, it also accompanies tasty seafood dishes and vegetable-based recipes with great flexibility. It is also an excellent friend of desserts, in particular of dry pastries, for example of the traditional Venetian one, such as Venetian zaleti and crostoli.

The production method.
The harvest takes place in the first weeks of September, when the organoleptic maturity (sugars, acidity and aromatic substances) is optimal for the production of sparkling and sparkling Prosecco DOC. The vinification is in classic white. After fermentation the maturation period begins, during which the racking and filtration operations are carried out to obtain the limpid wine. After the second fermentation with the Martinotti method, the sparkling and sparkling wine pass to the last phase, the distinctive one of Prosecco: natural refermentation.

Prosecco sparkling wine DOC Pulpito bottles 6x75 cl

  • Features

    Type: Prosecco
    Format: 75 cl
    Grapes: Glera
    Serving temperature: 6-8° C
    Alcohol content: 10.5% Vol.

  • Pairings

    Fish appetizers, land appetizers, fish first courses, land first courses, fish main courses, desserts, dry pastries.