From London to Amsterdam, we bring the Prosecco around Europe

During the National Italian Food Week sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs we have participated with our Prosecco, to two of the most significant initiatives in Europe.

After the positive experience of London we turned to the Northern European market by taking part in the trade fair of Amsterdam in Holland, Bellavita Expo, on November, 2016.

and disembark in France by taking part in the fair of Macon in Burgundy on November, 2016

What is the National Italian Food Week in the world?

Enhance the traditional Italian cuisine abroad as one of the distinctive brand Italy. This is what propose the initiative: National Italian Food Week in the World.

The event aims to give continuity to the themes developed successfully by Expo Milan 2015 and highlight the role of the foreign network della Farnesina Italy promotion activity.

The initiative took place from 21 to 27 November in 105 countries with over 1300 events including competitions, conferences, tastings, theme dinners, exhibitions related to kitchen and technical and scientific seminars. Among the most significant events, the opening event on 15 November in Washington with chef Bottura, at the Ambassador’s residence and attended by the President of the Conference of Balhara.