Wine fit for a monk

Abbazia di Busco: Our very name, our company recognizes its origins in the ancient Benedictine Abbey of St. Andrew in Busco, which once stood in this area. It is a Benedictine in the attitude to work on the land and in the ancient winemaking techniques that derive our passion for wine and our experience in creating it. A passion that already begins in the sixteenth century, when the Zeno family settled in Treviso.
As now, animated by a great passion for the land, we continued to manage the business making innovative, sometimes courageous choices, keeping, however, with unwavering respect for tradition and for the territory. Busco Abbey, located in the heart of Veneto, cultivate different types of vines. Prosecco, the wine of ancient origin of the Italian north-east produced with native grapes (Glera), is undoubtedly the flagship of our company. All wines are produced from the vineyards of our property, under the constant supervision of the patient and family who passionately follow the different processing times.
Bellavita: The package is sometimes as important as the product. You who have made choices to bring your flavors in the world?
Abbazia di Busco: About two years ago we decided to give life to a new image of our company, more consistent with the innovative choices that we had introduced, but at the same time in line with the history and the territory that belongs to us. With wine production of 2014 we opened the new brand and the new labels. The current Busco Abbey brand retrieves the historical dimension which is proper to the family: the symbols used in the brand can be found already in ancient maps of the area of Busco, between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and the word used, “Abacia d’Buscho “, carries in this forms and sounds of the era. As for the brand, even in the labels we have recovered the geographical roots of the company, so our wines are named by the individual rooms of the historic Abbey: Porch, Pulpit, Cloister, Chapter …
For us the emotion felt by those who taste our wines already part of the bottle!
Bellavita: Many manufacturers have to fight against those who improperly uses the Italian brand abroad (the fake ‘Made-in-Italy’ or so-called ‘Italian Sounding’). How do you think you can solve this problem?
Abbazia di Busco: Made in Italy should be defended vigorously like the Italian culture in the world. The fact that it is so widespread counterfeit or fake Made in Italy is a clear sign of the value of our products. And ‘necessary to defend our heritage through constant and articulated communication company in the world, intended to inform the consumer and to provide the tools to recognize and appreciate the quality of real Italian products. For us Italians it is easy to bring a product to our land, we must teach this to those who have our cultural roots. This needs a strong shared between all producers in defense of the common good.

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