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Grape:  Chardonnay 
south-west, north-east facing
Initial Harvest:
Optimal Serving Temperature:
: 2-3 years

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A pleasure for the senses.

Our Chardonnay presents a perfect balance of acidity and flavor, with prevailing hints of fresh fruit with light pulp (apple, pear, peach and melon) which characterize its soft and harmonious taste. Its golden yellow color, with light green veins, is the result of working in steel tanks.

Serving suggestions.

This is a wine with surprising versatility. Thanks to its liveliness and balanced acidity, our Chardonnay goes well with even the most delicate foods, enhancing them without overpowering. It is an excellent aperitif wine that pairs perfectly with fish first courses, white meat dishes, shellfish and cheeses, especially if they are not very mature.


Chardonnay grapes sprout early, and are harvested in the first weeks of September, to ensure that they retain the right acidity. The vinification is classic white. Fermentation takes place at controlled temperature by selected yeasts with steel vinification. The wine remains in contact with the yeasts. for an adequate period of time .