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Grape: Pinot Grigio 100%
south-west, north-east facing
Initial Harvest:
Optimal Serving Temperature:
: 2-3 years

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A pleasure for the senses.

This straw-coloured wine has intense, sharp aromas of white fruit, in particular of pear and golden apples, and delicate, spicy notes. Despite undergoing a white wine-making process and the absence of tannins, the presence of fibres of a red vine and a pronounced, intense richness characterise the unusually soft and particularly balanced flavour of this wine giving it a bright personality and making it surprisingly versatile.

Serving suggestions.

Our Pinot Grigio makes an excellent aperitif thanks to it being both crisp and intense at the same time. It works well alongside seafood salads, pasta dishes with fish and crustaceans as well as with particularly well-seasoned vegetable and fish soups. Irresistible with fish whether they be boiled, baked or grilled and well-matched to soufflés and field mushroom or “porcini” mushroom-based dishes.


The wine-making process used is the classic method. Fermentation occurs at a controlled temperature using selected yeasts in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks. Once fermentation is completed the wine remains for a designated period in contact with the yeasts.