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AdB_Fronte_80x50_150414:Layout 1Grape: Glera, indigenous vine of north-east Italy
Typology: sparkling wine D.O.C
Exposure:  south-west, north-east facing
Initial Harvest: 2000
Alcohol: 10,5%
Storage: 18-24 months
Optimal Serving Temperature: 6/8°Co

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A pleasure for the senses.

This sparkling wine has aromatic characteristics which span from fruity, with hints of pear and citrus to floral with scents of white flowers, wisteria, acacia and jasmine. A balanced acidity helps create a dry, soft and velvety flavour, suited to and appreciated in all occasions.

Serving suggestions.

Crisp and light, Prosecco sparkling wine is perfect for an aperitif or to accompany light starters. It also does its duty alongside seafood and fish dishes as well as vegetable-based dishes. Furthermore, it is an excellent companion to biscuits particularly Venetian specialities such as “zaleti veneziani” and “crostoli”.


Grapes are harvested in the first weeks of September when the organoleptic properties (sugars, acidity and aromatic substances) are optimal for the production of sparkling Prosecco D.O.C. The wine-making process used is the Method Martinotti. Following fermentation, the settling stage begins during which decanting and filtration are carried out to obtain a clear, transparent wine. The Martinotti method is used to make the wine sparkling. The wine then move on to the final phase which is specific to Prosecco: natural re-fermentation.