Il lavoro

Our cellar

03. AdB_Lavoro_CantinaAbbazia di Busco’s cellar can be found in an imposing “barchessa” (a rural building typical of villas in the Veneto similar to a barn) and is one of the oldest cellars in the Veneto area. This “barchessa” is itself rich in history. It is enough to think that in the 1950s and 70s its top floors were used for cultivating tobacco and silkworms.
Our cellar is a real treasure trove: imposing oak barrels which are still used today for ageing wines rest upon a splendid stone floor, the material of which was once the floor of the original Abbey.
In this place where time has stood still it is possible to work and store in the numerous tanks approximately 6000 hectolitres of red and white wine. Our white wines are produced by gently pressing the grapes at a controlled temperature in order to extract the best components. Our red wines on the other hand are produced by leaving the grapes, skins and all, to steep together with the must for a period of 8 to 12 days in order to extract the phenolic compounds (anthocyanins and tannins) present in the colour and structure of the wine.