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Maize, wheat and soya

05. AdB_Terra_MaisMaize and wheat which are part of the oldest and most precious achievement of agriculture are cultivated to incredibly high levels of production and quality here at Abbazia di Busco. Significant investments have been made to improve the land resulting in excellent production even in particularly dry years thanks to the knowledge and awareness connected to the use of water together with more modern agronomic techniques.

These together with a production process of maize for human consumption which respects high quality and pressing regulatory prerequisites has lead Abbazia di Busco as one of the promoter of the “Consorzio Maiscoltori-Cerealicoltori del Piave” which was founded 40 years ago by local agricultural producers to protect and sustain the productive quality of the territory.
Also soya, an incredibly nutritious legume considered by many to be the grain of the future, is produced by the company to the same high standards and is therefore highly sought after.
On average every year Abbazia di Busco allocates 80% of the property surface to the cultivation of maize,  wheat and  soya.