Wine and Contemporary Art – Sean Crossley|The History of Bleach Rome March16th-May7th, 2016

foto di Abbazia di Busco - Azienda Vinicola.


Sean Crossley | The history of bleach

curated by Raffaele Gavarro

March 16th – May 7th, 2016

 Anna Marra Contemporary is pleased to announce the solo show of Sean Crossley entitled The History of Bleach curated by Raffaele Gavarro.

Sponsored by  Abbazia di Busco

What characterises painting today? In what way has this medium found correspondence with today’s visual, imaginative environment profoundly modified by the dynamics of the digital?  There are at least two elements that can answer these questions.  The first is a gestural and syntactic freedom that determines a breaking down of the boundaries between figuration and abstraction through an overlapping of elements that recognises no distinction between these two macro generas.  The second is speed, a condition deduced directly from the speed which digital has imposed as a character of modernity.  This is a constructive, fruitful speed with a sense that which no longer provides a simple representation of the world, but an experience of it that looms as a new, significant element.

Sean Crossley is an Australian artist who has lived in Europe for many years. The bipolarity of his background has informed the way in which he brings together these elements in a way that is both instinctive and informed.

For his first exhibition in Italy Crossley has created a series of paintings of uniform size, a rigid geometric series within which the paintings free themselves of formal canons in a fast and engaging development.  In this way the exhibition becomes markedly rhythmic, unique installation which is to be physically and visually experienced without interruption.