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le bietole


Our beets are grown and produced 100% in Italy

For many years our company has been dedicated to the cultivation of sugar beets. About 20 hectares of our land produce beets which are given to CO.PRO.B. (beet producers cooperative).

The production cycle adopted by the coopetativa provides for high quality standards.

The processing of the beet consists of carefully extracting the sugar (stored in the leaves through the natural process of photosynthesis) by immersing the beets in hot water at 70 degrees. Evaporation separates the water from the sugar, obtaining a thick syrup which, by centrifugation, allows to obtain the sugar crystals. The finished product is certified with the Italia Zuccheri brand, the only 100% Italian supply chain that unites the forces of beet producers by controlling all the phases and guaranteeing true quality.

le bietole
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