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pipoppi e frassini

Poplar and ash

The poplar, a tree which can reach a height of as much as 20 metres, has always been present in the Trevigiano area. Recently however many have abandoned its cultivation due to the expense involved and the poor market return. Abbazia di Busco is always careful to follow criteria which permit agricultural sustainability and respect the traditional local ecosystem. As a result, back in 2000 the company decided to recommence cultivating this tree though this time using different criteria to the past. They would no longer adhere to 20-year-cycles for producing wood suitable for building but would work with much shorter cycles of approximately 2 years to produce wood suitable for use as fuel.
The ash which is used to make a variety of tools is also excellent for use as fuel and is a part of the arboreal heritage of Abbazia di Busco. Currently, 10 hectares are dedicated to arboreous cultivation which alternate between poplar and ash.

pioppi e frassini
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