Sight, smell, emotions.

This wine, with a straw yellow color, manifests itself on the nose with intense and clear aromas of white fruit, in particular pear and golden apple, and delicate spicy notes. The red grape fiber, present despite the white vinification and the absence of tannins, and the marked and penetrating sapidity characterize the peculiar soft and particularly harmonious gustatory aspect, making it a wine with a clear personality and surprising versatility.

How to enjoy it at its best.

Our Pinot Grigio is excellent as an aperitif, fresh and intense at the same time. At the table it can be enjoyed with seafood salads, first courses based on fish and shellfish, but also with particularly rich and tasty fish soups. Irresistible with fish: boiled, like sea bream, baked, like sea bass, or grilled. It also creates a very happy combination with soufflé and with dishes based on field mushrooms and porcini mushrooms.

The production method.

Classic white vinification. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature by selected yeasts, in temperature-controlled steel tanks. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the wine remains in contact with the yeasts for an adequate period of time.

White wine Pinot Grigio DOC Capitolo 75 cl

  • Features

    Type: White wine
    Format: 75 cl
    Grapes: Pinot Grigio 100%
    Serving temperature: 8-6° C
    Alcohol content: 13% Vol.

  • Pairings

    Fish-based appetizers, Fish-based main dishes, mushroom-based pasta or rice dishes, Fish-based second dishes, Soups

  • Assessment

    3 bunches BIBENDA GUIDE 2022