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Dietro il nostro marchio un mondo diverso 



Our work is sustainable:
we are certified SQNPI, the only sustainability standard in the italian winery field. This implies that we have implimented way to protect the biodiversity  and that there's a high level of attentiveness in regard of the techniques used in every step of the wine making processes. 



We cherish the biodiversity of our land:
our fields house various tipe of native plants and flowers, meant to be used in the process of pollination by bees and other pollinating agents. We follow the guide lines of the EU, regarding climate and environmental regoluations, specifically the Eco 5.

Nuts and oxygen

nuts and oxygen

Our oxygen contribution:
thirty hectares of our land are walnut crops: 1.800 tons of oxygen are produced by walnut trees each year. Furthermore our walnuts are of a very high quality, being granted with the award “Noce d’Oro”.



We are proud of our roots :
we ameliorate the beautiful Villa Zeno, a work of art by the italian renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. The villa has been awarded as UNESCO's world heritage in 1995, and it has also been subject to many research projecs  by the universities od Padova and Venezia.

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